Thank you for deepening your presence and exploring Byoga. 

To be, is human. 

Byoga teaches an awareness of being present by elevating our minds to universal consciousness.  We encourage love and light to guide our practice through any challenges the body and mind endure.  Discomfort and disease are driven out by the healing powers of blending the breath, mind, and chakras to extract any negativity and be returned to a state of comfort and ease.  Classes are designed to open our energy fields and receive the benefits that exist within the poses.  The asanas are a form of medicine for your body and when they are practiced with the proper intention they will strengthen and heal.  

    Being more mindful of breathing and less distracted by facades is a technique we practice to learn how focusing energy into a specific purpose creates power. This power can and should be attained daily in order to keep your life growing in its most optimal direction.



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